Building Inclusive Urban Resilience: Strengthening ASEAN Cities through Collaborative Action and Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups

Workshop on strengthening inclusive urban resilience in selected cities
8-9 November 2023 | Bangkok

The workshop will aim at contributing to increase cooperation on urban resilience with a focus on ASEAN cities and addressing the needs of vulnerable groups. It will focus on a key topic of interest with a strong link to vulnerable groups.


  • Strengthening horizontal cooperation at city level
  • Enabling exchange on past and future city activities and city interests, facilitating the identification of synergies between cities, implementing partners and regional interests
  • Explore opportunities to further consider the needs of vulnerable groups and gender aspects in ongoing and planned urban resilience measures
  • Explore best practices on how to address the needs of vulnerable groups in urban resilience measures

The policy paper provided as part of the project will focus on the same a topic area and will lay the theoretical foundation for the dialogue event. The findings of the paper will be presented and discussed during the event.

Thematic focus: 
Nature-based Solutions - Considering vulnerable groups and gender aspects in design and implementation

This topic would focus on how to design, plan and implement nature-based solutions in a way that considers the needs of vulnerable groups and gender aspects. Examples of especially well-designed urban nature-based solutions would be provided, as well as examples of risks for vulnerable groups when implementing such projects (e.g. increase in property prices due to new green spaces in the neighborhood). Special attention could be given to designing just green spaces (such as parks or urban wetlands) with strong benefits for vulnerable groups, or on addressing specific climate hazards (e.g. flash floods, urban heat).