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The project focuses on strengthening political dialogue and cooperation structures at three levels, which correspond to three subsequent work streams:

  • Between ASEAN Member States and Germany in the context of the ASEAN-Germany Development Partnership (overarching level, work stream 1). Its objective is to create and maintain political momentum on urban resilience in ASEAN;
  • Between the different ASEAN Member States and structures (horizontal level, work stream 2), including the three related ASEAN Working Groups AWGCC, AWGESC, ACDM. Its objective is to deepen strategic and collaborative action to improve integrated urban resilience planning in ASEAN; and
  • Between ASEAN, member states, selected 2nd/3rd tier cities and possibly other key players such as development partners, science and civil society (vertical level, work stream 3). Its objective is to share knowledge, experiences, and good practices to speed and scale up action on urban resilience in ASEAN.

Substantive planning of the dialogue formats

In order to facilitate the dialogue and information exchange, the project envisages up to nine exchange formats (up to four in 2021 and 2022 respectively), including the ASEAN Conference on Resilience in Urban Centres in 2022. Accordingly, in each of the work streams, three exchange formats are planned. Each of these exchange formats has its own overarching objective, activities and desired outcomes and thereby contributes to reaching the objective of the work stream to which it is associated.