ASEAN Conference on Urban Resilience

Cooperation for Resilience in Urban Centres
Supporting the ASEAN-Germany Development Partnership
ASEAN Conference on Urban Resilience
Final Conference | 30 November - 1 December 2022
Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

The Final Conference of the project Cooperation for Resilience in Urban Centres in the context of the ASEAN-German Development Partnership will address the interlinkages between sustainable urban development, climate change and disaster risk reduction in view of increasing urban resilience. It will connect to the strategic objectives and respective agendas of three related ASEAN Working Groups (AWGCC, AWGESC, ACDM). It will especially support the Working Groups programmes and activities in place that try to enhance multi-level cooperation and governance within ASEAN states and that aim to establish a favourable enabling environment for cities to implement existing policies in order to build urban resilience. The conference will also support the Working Groups endeavours to promote knowledge exchange on good practices and their upscaling potential between ASEAN member states and to create an enabling environment for collaborative learning.

The conference will revolve around the ASEAN Guidelines on Urban Resilience. The guidelines encompass 16 priority action areas on urban resilience. These action areas are derived from the scoping paper on urban resilience.


The ASEAN member states discuss the state-of-play regarding urban resilience in ASEAN and ways to further intensify cooperation of the three existing AWGs on CC, DRR and urbanisation. A special focus is on the introducing, discussing, and ways of implementing the ASEAN Guidelines on Urban Resilience.


Envisaged Outcomes

  • Conference report, capturing key findings and outcomes including proposals for next steps in ASEAN collaboration (among AWGs, among cities, among AWGs and cities) for strengthening urban resilience
  • Increased political buy-in for urban resilience among AMS
  • Increased awareness, understanding and uptake of the Guidelines by the AWGs (AWGCC, AWGESC and ACDM) and other implementation stakeholders

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